Orangutan & Toucan


SIZE: 25.4 x 177.8 cm (10" x 70")

What better way to liven up a child’s bedroom wall than by having our two jungle friends as a feature in their very own colourful wall mural?

Our durable, UV resistant Orangutan and Toucan wall sticker, showing an inquisitive Toucan and impossibly sweet Orangutan baby clutching on to a vine, are guaranteed to be an ideal addition to your child’s bedroom wall, whether on their own as a beautiful piece of wall art, or in addition to our other jungle wall stickers to create a realistic jungle bedroom scene.

Easy to use and simple to place, our Orangutan and Toucan animal wall sticker allows you the freedom to position it exactly where you want it. You could place your animal wall sticker by your child’s bed, to keep them company as they go to sleep at night, or alternatively, why not select some of our other jungle wall stickers to create a personal rainforest for your children’s bedroom, complete with vines, trees and a whole array of animals. Walls of the Wild offers a wide range of wall stickers to help you achieve the perfect jungle mural for your child.

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