Sea Life

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If you've ever taken children to an aquarium you'll know how much they love all the amazing sea creatures and how much interest there is in the world under the sea.

At Walls of the Wild we have selected some of the favorites, such as Tropical Fish, Sharks, Dolphins and Sea Turtles. These have been hand painted by artist Dede Lifgren and then transformed into these wonderful Sea Life Wall Stickers.

You can purchase these wall stickers individually or as part of a set and create a truly magnificent under water themed wall. The results are amazing and each unique mural will be a masterpiece. We also have Large Coral decals (very large) - use this as a centerpiece and then add the various other fish around it. It's up to you where and how you place your stickers. This is what makes each mural design unique.

These Stickers are printed using UV resistant inks so they will not fade in sunlight. They are also waterproof, meaning that they could even be used to decorate a bathroom or shower room.